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Conversation in English

Message  fcbarcelona le Mar 1 Mai - 8:20

السلام عليكم

Welcome to English

At the airport في المطارِ

Next, please.
Your Ticket and passport, please.
Here you are.
Your Last name is Becker? B-E- C- K- E- R


Meeting people الالتقاء بالناس

Hello, what's your name?
John, and you?
Thomas. Where are you from.
Dublin, I'm from Ireland. And you?
I'm from Berlin.

Where are you going?
Los Angeles. And you?
Los Angeles also.

I'd like you to meet John
How do you do?
How do you do?
How do you like it in here?
It's quite like what I expected.

What's your first impression of L.A?
It's very beautiful. Just like what I expected.


Asking السُؤال

Excuse me!
Where is the bathroom?
It's there. The ladies bathroom is on the right.


At the shop في الدكانِ

A: I'd like to buy this book, please. How much is it?
B: Three pounds.
A: Three pounds. Here you are.
B: Thank you.
A: Thanks. Goodbye.
B: Goodbye.


Asking about jobs سُؤال عن الوظائفِ

What's your job?
I'm a nurse.
Where do you work at?
I work at the General Hospital in Los Angeles.
And you?
I am an engineer. I work in San Rafael.


At the grocer's في البقالِ

Yes, can I help you, please?
Yes, I'd like a Packet of sugar, two tins of peas, a bottle of oil, and a loaf of bread.
OK. That is a packet of sugar, two tins of peas, a bottle of oil, and a loaf of bread.
That's correct.


Asking about birthdays سُؤال عن أعيادِ الميلاد

When is your birthday?
It is on May 5th. When is yours?
It's on March 25th.

When is your birthday?
It's today.
No way! I wish you a happy birthday.


At the train station في محطةِ القطارَ

Excuse me. What time is the train to San Diego, please?
Six ten.
And which platform?
Platform two.

Los Angeles, please.
No, return please.
9 dollars, Please.
Here you are.
Next please.

Excuse me. Is this seat taken?
No, it isn't.
Thank you.

Yes, madam.
Coffee, please.
Fifty cents, please.


Offering Cigarettes عرض السجائرِ

No, thanks.

No, thanks, I've just put one out.

Would you like a cigarette?
No thanks, I'm trying to quit.
Come on! This one won't hurt.
OK, have you got a light?


Asking the time سُؤال الوقتِ

Excuse! What time is it?
It's three past nine.
Excuse me! What time is it?
It's quarter to six.


Asking the way سُؤال عن الطريق

Could you tell me how to get to the station?
Go straight, then turn left at 17th St.
Is it Far?
No, it's only about five minutes walk.
It's a pleasure.


On The bus.على الحافلةِ.

Does this bus go to the Station?
No, but you can walk to it from the next stop.

Is this bus for Downtown L.A?
No, you can take it from the next street.

Are we close to the Sports Arena?
No, it's quite away from here, but I'll tell you when we get there.


At a hotel عند الفندق

Do you have any vacancy for tonight?
Yes we do. Room 35 on the third floor.
Ok, how much is it?
35 dollars a night excluding service.
Do you have something a little cheaper than that?
Yes, I can offer you one on the fourth floor. It's twenty dollars a night.
Ok. That will be fine. Can I see it, please?
Yes, follow me, please.

Yes, Thomson's house, may I help you?
Yes, I'm calling about the room and I wonder if I it still available?
Yes, what do you do for a living?
I'm a foreign student. I've just arrived yesterday, and I need to rent a room for at least three months.
All right, sounds good to me, can you came tomorrow evening?
Yes, what time?
Six thirty.
Ok. See you then.


Taking a taxi أخذ سيارة أجره

The German Embassy, please, I have to be there at twelve.
I'll do my best

Just in time. Nine dollars. Please
Here's ten. Keep the change.

The train station, please, I have to catch the 10 O'clock train.
I think we can make it if there is no traffic
Here we are, you still got 10 minutes to spare. That's 6 dollars fifty, please.
Here is 7 dollars. You can keep the change.


Looking for an apartment to rent بَحْث عن شُقَّة للإسْتِئْجار

May I help you?
Yes, I'm looking for an apartment to rent. How much is the single?
It's five hundred dollars a month with four hundred deposits.
Do you have anything cheaper than that?
Yes, you can rent a studio for three hundred a month.
That's fine. Can I see it, please?
Yes, have a seat please and I'll get the key for you.

This is it
Ok I like it.
Is there an Air conditioning here?
Yes, you press this bottom and it's on.
Does the rent include gas and electricity?
No, you'll get the gas and electric bill separately.


Hiring a car إسْتِئْجار سيارة

How much is it to rent a sports car here?
30 dollars a day, 180 dollars a week.
OK, can I get one for this Saturday?
Yes, do you have a driving license?
Yes, of course.
OK! Complete this form, and I need 50 dollars for deposit.


Booking a table حَجْز طاولة طعام

Yamashiro, may I help you?
Yes, I'd like to book a table for three, please.
Ok. What day, please?
This Thursday, please.
What time?
Eight o'clock if that's OK.
No problem. Anything special?
Yes, do you serve vegetarian food?
Yes, we do. How many?
One, please.
Ok, that's a table for three on Thursday at eight o'clock with one vegetarian food. Your name, please?
Tomas Anderson.
Ok, your telephone, please?
310-634 4875
See you then.


At a restaurant عند المطعم

Excuse me. Can I have the menu, please.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.


Yes, Sir. May I take your order?
Yes, I would like roast lamb with rice, please.
And you Sir?
Fried chicken with vegetables, Please.
Anything to drink?
Yes, I'd like a bottle of coke, please.
And you, Sir?
I'd like a glass of apple juice, please.


Asking for change سُؤال عن التغييرِ

Excuse me! Could I trouble you for some change?
Ok, let me see! Are quarters fine?
Yes, that's fine, thanks.

Excuse me? May I get few quarters from you, please?
I'm afraid I can't. I'm completely out of quarters tonight.


Asking the way سُؤال عن الطريق

Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the post office?
Yes, go straight ahead for about two miles. Then turn left at the traffic light. Go past the church and you'll see the post office on your right.

Excuse me, how do I get to the Sport's Arena?
Yes, turn right into Martin Luther King Blvd and go straight ahead for about a mile. You will see Wells bank on your left. Go past it and the Arena will be on your left also.

Excuse me, how do I get to the library?
Yes, go along this road as far as the traffic lights. Turn left into 10th St. and go about two hundred yards. Go past the Mosque and the library is on your right. You can't miss it.


Ordering food by phone طَلَب الغذاءِ بالهاتفِ

Telly's Burger. Can I help you?
Yes, may I order some food, please?
Yes, your name please?
And your telephone number?
980 7658.
What's your address?
17067 San Fernando # 12
OK. What would you like to order?
OK. I would like three cheeseburgers and one fish sandwich, please.
All right. Is that all for you?
Yes. That's all.
OK. Three cheeseburgers and one fish sandwich. It will be 7 dollars fifty.
OK. Thank you.
Thank you.


Fixing an appointment تَثبيت تعيين

Could you fix me an appointment with the attorney, please?
Will nine thirty tomorrow be good?
Yes, that'll be good.

Do you think the principle could see me tomorrow at nine?
Sorry, but he'll be busy at nine. How about twelve?
Yes, twelve is fine.


Having an interview المُقَابَلَة

Now, what's your first name please?
My first name is Thomas.
And what's your surname?
My surname is Anderson.
Are you married or single?
I'm single.
Where are you from?
I'm from Ireland.
What's your address in Ireland?
The Carlton Hotel, Bill's street.
What is your telephone number?
453 8765


Coffee bar المقهى

What can I get you to drink?
I'd like some coffee please.
And you sir?
I prefer to have a cup of tea please.
Would you care for some pies?
Yes, I'd like a cheesecake please.
And I'd like one too, please.


Asking about present situations سُؤال عن الأوضاع الراهنةِ

Hello, James. This is Tony.
Hi Tony.
What are you doing?
I'm listening to music.
And my brother? What is he doing?
He is eating dinner. Are you still working?
No, I'm relaxing now. See you at nine o'clock then.


At the book store في المكتبةِ

Good evening. Can I help you?
Yes, I'd like few pencils, please.
How many would you like?
Three please.
Anything else?
Yes. Do you sell envelopes?
Yes. Do you like these large ones or these small ones?
The large ones, please.
Is that all, Sir?
Yes. How much are they?
That's thirteen pounds fifty, please.
Here you are.
Thanks. Here is your change.
Thank you. Bye.


In a post office في كتب بريد

What's the postage on these letters to Saudi Arabia, please?
I'll check for you. Anything else?
Yes, a book of stamps, please?
Ok it's nine dollars fifty in all.


An interview مقابلة

So, your name is Tomas. And your surname is Baker?
Yes. That's right.
And, when were you born?
I was born on July 14th 1970.
And, why did you move to California?
Because I like living here.
Tell me a little bit about yourself.
Well, I was born in Germany, and I graduated from Tom's High School and went to Frankfurt University and got a diploma in Business there.
A diploma in Business. And after that. What did you do next?
Well, I stayed in Frankfurt, then I came here.
What about work? Where did you work before?
I worked as an assistant manager for a company in Northern Frankfurt for import and export.
I see. And why did you leave the job?
Because I wanted to move to Los Angeles.


Asking about a holiday سُؤال عن عطلة

Hi! James. How are you?
I'm OK. Thanks.
How was your holiday?
It was wonderful.
Where were you?
Italy. Near Milan.
How was the weather?
The weather was great.
How was the food?
It was delicious.
How was the Hotel?
It was expensive.


Invitations الدعوات

Hi, Pam. Tom here.
Tom! How are you?
I'm fine. How are you?
I'm OK.
Listen. What are you doing this evening?
Nothing, why?
Let's go to the cinema.
The cinema. That's a great idea. When?
Tonight at 9 o'clock, but let's meet at 8.
OK. Where?
At the ticket office.
That's fine. See you then.
OK, bye.

Would you like to go to the theater tonight?
Tonight! I'm afraid I can't. How about tomorrow?
Ok, That's great. When?
At six o'clock.
OK, see you then.
See you. Bye.


At the movies في الأفلامِ

Ok, guys, what are going to see?
Let's see Titanic.
It's an interesting movie.
Isn't it romantic?
Yes. It is.
Does it have action?
Yes it does.
My friend Sue watched that movie. She said it's wonderful.
Didn't they make a movie about this ship Titanic before?
Yes they did, but they say this one is way different.
Hey! Look at the line. It must be for Titanic.
No wonder why it won 11 Oscars.
Come on guys. Let's stand in line.


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Re: Conversation in English

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merci ba Abdou

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